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Anxiously Enraged
(just kidding....I'm really pretty mellow.)
Jason is WAY cool.


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Sun - May 24, 2009 : 09:43 pm
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Jason is WAY cool.
So, I am assuming that this whole site is one cool PHP project. Good job, Jason. Looking forward to the 'remake' of to see what happens there. That's a cool site, too.  It isn't any wonder to me why someone would want to hire you. You'll have the Zend framework down in no time. MVC and OOP are just a different way of planning and organizing what you do. Makes future maintenance a snap. Don't stress. Just GET TO WORK!! :-)

Since I saw the iPhone I've been thinking of a great app I would love to see on it (if it's not already available.) I've been looking at the Android platform though as it looks a bit easier to program in (Java based) and the chances of getting phone service in my area are a bit more hopeful.
Comment by PoeticIntensity on May. 25, 2009 @ 12:45 am
Hey Brent!  Cool of you to hop on and create an account.  Yeah, this whole site is a project I had brewing ever since I tried to use WordPress for my first blog (used to be in the now-defunct website).  I really didn't like the bloat.  What, in my opinion, should have taken seconds to do, was taking almost a full minute to do with WP.  So, I created my own blogging software.

Thanks for the vote of confidence.  You're an awesome friend.  Come Tuesday, I'm seriously hoping that I have as much vigor and desire to learn Zend as I did when I initially learned PHP.  Yeah, that'd be sweet.  hehe...  With the Lord behind me, I don't think I'll fail.  I've just got to do what you suggested:  GET TO WORK!

Thanks for stopping by, bro!