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Sat - Feb 21, 2009 : 10:02 pm
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driving a truck for the first time
This morning i had to go and work on a box at 8:30 and my grandpa came and picked me up at my house. But since well its my grandpa we didnt end up leaving until about 10:00 but we got there and still got the job done which is awesome and i made twenty bucks. But finally for the first i got to drive a truck on the roads for the first time. And i have to tell you it wasnt really that different from a car and i was disappointed. The only difference is that you are up higher and you have to do your turns a little bit more different but i was hoping for some kind of new challenge but i was disappointed as i said before. And pretty much the rest of the day i have been listening to music and i have been really tired but its all good. And tomorrow i have church and that will be okay.
Comment by PoeticIntensity on Feb. 21, 2009 @ 10:36 pm
I've got a car which might challenge you.... :)