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The Sweetest Feeling


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Tue - Oct 28, 2008 : 10:20 am
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The Sweetest Feeling
~I just feel so much in my heart right now. Words truly cannot express how full my heart is. I just finished watching the movie "A Far Off Place". It has always been one of my favorites since I was a little girl. The music in it has always stirred deep emotions within me. It is just gorgeous. It has a melody that tugs at my heart. I love how music can speak to your soul through God.

There are things in your life--instances, experiences, that trigger poignant feelings and emotions. Emotions so strong and undeniable, that you know that the only source they spring from must be from our Heavenly Father. It doesn't matter where you are on the earth; when you are touched by the power of His Spirit, there is no denying the sweet and peaceful emotions that envelop your heart and mind.

The most powerful things I have ever remembered in my life have been impressions from the Holy Ghost, the Spirit of God. It hasn't been with words that I could hear with my ears, or say with my mouth, or see with my eyes, but feelings, so deep, so soul stirring, that EVERY ounce of my existence is overcome with the purity and grandeur of that Spirit and its reality. It is the most HONEST emotion I have ever experienced and ever will.

I am brought to memories as a child and a young women-- of times when I fell to my knees and begged the Lord for mercy, or simply offered a humble prayer. The memory of those times is so fresh and vivid in my mind as if I am in those moments once again. I guess that's what the Spirit of God can do. The Holy Ghost. No feeling on this earth can ever replace it. It is truly the most privelaged and honorable feeling that a human being can feel in this life and ever. I feel so unworthy of this Gift and yet the Lord has blessed me with it over and over again in my life.

I was brought to my knees again just now. Space and time don't seem to matter--just the impressions that are being sealed upon my heart. I have always seen my life as if it is layed out across a desert road. Nothing too extravagent, nothing too breathtaking, but its path is straight, and it longs to follow the sunset into the heavens. It is the same straight road that leads me to righteousness and peace wherever I may be in my life at whatever time. No matter what choices I have made-- no matter what has happened in my past, I am always brought back to that same beautiful and lasting horizon that seems to reach to the heavens and call my name. That tells me I am worth something special. That I am capable of doing great things. That my existence has a strong and special purpose, if i will only listen.

I know that the Lord has been mindful of me. He has been mindful of us all. Because when His spirit touches our souls, all of the outside influences of the world seem to disappear and priorities are shifted. The senses are felt with the heart and not just based on tangibility of the body. The mind can focus and see the eternal perspective that matters. Family becomes central. My concern and love for each one of them heightens when I feel the Spirit. My desire to do the right reaches higher than I thought capable,. I can see WHO i am SO clearly. I can see WHO Heavenly Father created me to be SO clearly. I can see how important it is to FOCUS on doing HIS work and will and then letting all other things happen as He intends. 

Zion truly is that pure place in our hearts. It can be anywhere, anytime. How grateful I am for a Heavenly Father that knows me so deeply and sent me here to earth to learn of HIS majesty and miracles. That sent me a beautiful and special mother to teach me by her undying love and example. I feel like having my mother is the one constant gift God blessed me with to comfort and support and bring me joy through all the hard times in this life. A Father in Heaven whom has led me through countless obstacles and waves of misfortune. Who has lifted me up during my illness, my pain, my depression, my lonliness and in HIS wisdom has taught me about true compassion and faith and Love through those things that I have lacked and gone without during the process. Who has put amazing and unique people in my life to each bring a special gift just by being who they are.

It is true that even all these words I'm trying to convey, will never truly do justice to the sweetest, truest, purest, strongest, most majestic and deep feelings that are stirring deep within my soul right now. I wish for every human being to feel this way. It is such a precious and rare gift. If only I can hold on and keep looking up and keep carving out that trail down my road of life, so that I may continually be blessed to feel this rare and intended feeling of the Spirit of God. If only I can remember these moments that define my true self. These road markers that give me purpose and direction to find the light and always reach up.

I know that my Savior lives. He loves me so much, that even to this day, i still cannot fully comprehend all that it means to have his unconditional and loving sacrifice in my life. I still take that Love for granted sometimes, when I really should be embracing it and sharing it and appreciating it. The Lord has laid out His plan for you and for me. He has planned all of this. He has forseen the trials and tribulations that we would undoubtedly face in this life and He has provided a way to feel peace and comfort through those trials. He has shown a way to build strength and character through each peak and valley.

I see the window of Heaven continually opened up for me. If only i could learn to overcome my fears and look to that light that will never fail me. To look to my Heavenly Father and TRUST that His love and His Spirit are at the end of my desert road. My life is The most beautiful journey that I will ever encounter.

I love my Heavenly Father SO much. He knows me. He knows my thoughts. He will ALWAYS be there for me.

Thank you God. Thank you SO much for letting me feel these things right now. Thank you for reminding me of why we're here and what we're supposed to do.  Thank you. OH my heart is full. I would not trade this feeling for ANYTHING in this world. This is the most beautiful emotion I have ever felt
Comment by PoeticIntensity on Oct. 28, 2008 @ 06:57 pm
Thank you so much for posting that entry, SSwims.  God bless you.

If you don't do so already, you should seriously consider writing as a profession.  You articulate your feelings very, very well.  Your words inspired me and brought the Spirit of God.

Thank you.

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