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Sun - Jun 22, 2008 : 07:48 pm
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sorry i havnt been on much
hey everyone reportin to you live its cmt_music_+awards i just forgot my p-word so sorry!but the reason i havnt been on here much is because my dad is having an operation done in 7 days.but i aint tellin you about that inless you can get 5 pplz to actually ask me to so all uz have to do is for example:my friend kyote_dreams ask one of her friends then they ask another til its 5 pplz cause i aint gonna write about it just cause one person wants me to cause honestly i have alotta fun on this site but if i said wat every 1 person wated to know bout me then it would take alotta time cause my sis is up here so she asks alotta stuf but anyway love ya mesa its been a blessing havin you as a friend!

- - - - - -

dont stop the music music is my life!
Comment by nikki on Jun. 23, 2008 @ 06:21 pm
hey its megan cuz i no beckys p-word lol.wat sis?hey read ur messages on ur email that i sent u today if u havent alrady cuz its about becky.and put a entry up here titled nikki so we can talk and ill do the same thing ok love ya lil sis,peace
Comment by Koyote Dreams on Jun. 28, 2008 @ 01:28 pm

I'm so sorry for not being on. How is your dad? everything ok?  I'll pray for him!
How is everything with YOU? E-mail me when you see this ok. Then we'll talk <3

Hey I like that saying at the end... LOL <3 I'll talk to you asap, it's about to storm here and I have to go.

<3 Mesa