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Wed - May 14, 2008 : 08:20 pm
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Girls camp
OK girls camp is coming up fast. I have had a hard time with my Young womens teachers, The two I have a rearlly hard time with are not going, well one is. We have this fund raiser to get the money for camp, I'm  going to auction off what I'm best at :-) LOL! I'm doing two reflexioalgy foot massages each is an hour. My hands are gonna die B-) But I'm hoping to earn the money for camp! Tonight at church we made tie die shirts for camp, mine is yellow and blue ( they did not get black) so I did my other favorite colors. Tho I ain't sure I'm going to camp, just don't know anything about it,

Brooke did not show up again today! She sent back my cd, but did not come herself. She's leaving soon for her trip and I have not had the chance to see her in a while, well a month! I want to see her before she leaves!

Well I'm gonna head to bed, mom has to work tomorrow and so I have a hard day ahead of me. I got most the day planned but dred it so much. O well nothing I can do about it.

O get this, I just tuned my guitar Luna and the two little boys played w/ it until the strings came off. Now I have to REstring her! Ugh

Well night.....

@}----------------------- Koyote
Comment by christine on May. 22, 2008 @ 02:59 pm
u have a guitar rock on mesa!i do to just dont know how to play it
Comment by christine on May. 22, 2008 @ 03:06 pm
is brooke a good singer?whats her last name