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Thu - Apr 24, 2008 : 05:24 pm
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im glad to have a really good freind like mesa but seriously i feel so tupid i just basically told my friend to get lost cause o my cousin
Comment by nikki on Apr. 25, 2008 @ 11:45 am
who is ur friend?
Comment by Koyote Dreams on Apr. 25, 2008 @ 12:52 pm
Well that's a rough one. Your cusin made you tell ur friend to get lost? Here's what I'd do, if you still want to be friends with this person then talk to them and tell them it was a mistake. But I'd give it a few days before you talk to them about it. When my yw teachers broke up me and my friend it took me months before I could even talk to  her again, I think it was two months maybe three IDK but what I'm saying is; give them a day or two then just take 'em aside and talk. It will help :-)

 I hope I helped a little! Let me know how things go for ya k? I'll talk to you soon.

O I went to stardoll... I love that site,I've not made a profile yet but I'm thinking about it. I also sent you an email last night, the subject was "Koyote Dreams" I think my address should ring a bell though 

@}--------- Your friend Koyote Dreams