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Thu - Apr 10, 2008 : 09:33 am
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Yes One Day till the END of the WEEK
Good Morning My THOUGHTS! Well yes I am happy because it is Thursday The 2nd to Last day of my working hard week. I am really Tired today, and yesterday too. I have so many thoughts in my head, but if I let it overcome me, the power I have over my weakness and strength will go down hill. Well last night He shouldn't have took a sip of that one beer, after that it was all done with. He disrespected my family and slashed all our tires. Wow! I know this is the day with the most excitement that you have to read about my crazy life. I sit here and live through this day after day. Lord I wanna ask you to forgive Jerimiah once again for what he has done. Pray for my family and  friends and keep there spirit strong and wise. Lord pray for my family friends health. Keep them strong and I thank you lord for waking me up to another day!