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Fri - Dec 14, 2007 : 09:35 am
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Amber's Poem

One day along time ago,
Before the world began
A plan was given to each of us
It was placed in our willing hands
There were two parts to this plan
One was for all the world
The other plan was just for us
About our life and what was in store
This first plan included a Savior
Jesus Christ, our brother
He will come to earth and suffer greatly
A sacrifice like no other.
All of us shouted for joy
But there was one who was especially excited
She held the plan close to her heart
For it was her plan that made her delighted
As she read over the things God had planned for her
Everyone had gathered around
To see the joy that filled her eyes
When they saw it all they did was frown.
One asked, “why does this make you so happy?
When it seems your life will be hard
Why do your eyes light up so bright
When you see how your life will start?
As she looked at them with eyes of love
She wondered why they didn’t understand
That though her life would have suffering and trials
It was them that would take her hand.
She wasn’t concerned about the bad that would happen
Or the suffering she would entail
For she knew they would be there
To help her along life’s dreary trail.
After she got her thoughts together
She said, “do you not understand?
The reason I’m happy today
Is not just because of this glorious plan
Its that Father promised to send angels
Through my good and bad
He promised they would guide me
that’s one reason I am glad.
These angels are so close to me
Some are hidden some are seen
They are those who will keep me on track
And keep me spiritually clean.
As they heard her speak
Their eyes lit up so bright
For they wondered who these angels where
Who would keep her in their sights.
She turned to look at them and said,
“my friends it is you
You will be my guiding light
All my life through”.
That is why I’m happy today
For I know you will be there
To laugh with me and cry with me
Yes, lots of things we’ll share.
So then she went to Father and said,
“Thank you dear Father, I’m ready to go
Wherever you send me, I’m willing to be
For I know you’ll be there, with your angels in tow.
I know it will be okay
For you have given me something grand
Angels to guide and comfort me
To be there to take my hand.
I’m grateful for this chance you gave me
Though easy it wont be
I know that it must happen
To one day return home with thee.
So as she came to earth
One angel was waiting right there
She held her tightly in her arms
Then she knew she was in God’s care.
So as her life went on
And as the plan did say
She went through lots of suffering
And at times she even did sway.
But as promised God sent her help
To lift up along the way
And though she did not recognize them
They were with her everyday.
Then one day, another angel appeared
One that was close to her heart
And held her tightly as her first angel did
And promised they’d never part.
So even though trials may come
And even do wrong some days
God will always send angels as he promised
To help you along your way.









Comment by cmt_music-awrds on Apr. 21, 2008 @ 03:45 pm
its long but its         good