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Fri - Nov 16, 2007 : 06:09 pm
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poetry two
Poetry 2 by Kelly Miller
We Know Not What Showers
Based on a talk by Dallin H. Oaks
We know not what showers over the mountainside.
And, must heed the voice of the Spirit our guide.
For there's floods which may come to wash us out.
And, we need faith- when it's easy to doubt.
We have revelation spoken from God to man.
A promised gift that can impel us to “I can!”
The Lord has not left us unassisted.
He's our strength. And, for us, He persisted.
He gives testimony, prophecy, and comfort.
He teaches us restraint, and gives us full support.
It's a grand priv'ledge to every true saint.
We're informed, and we can run and we'll not faint.
Although we may not see our Lord from face to face.
His blessings now extend to all the human race.
Our Savior endured pain unassisted.
Yet, with faith and covenants, we're assisted.
It's Easy
By Kelly Miller
It's easy to judge
It's easy to grudge
This is so easy
Till someday we smudge
And attempt to fudge.
Let's help each other
Sister or brother
We all need some help
One way or another
To love each other
Line Upon Line
Line upon line
Precept on precept.
We soon will find
We've progressed and leapt.
Here a little and
There a little more
We teach to each land,
We preach to each shore.
The gospel truths
Improve our lives.
Spread the good news
To God we make strides.
Here a little and
There a little more
We teach to each land
We preach to each shore.
Our tongues can speak
With stammering lips
To lost and weak
Of steps up from slips.
Here a little and
They can fall away.
There a little and
We can help them stay.
The High Road
As daughters of God, we pray to stay on the high road.
When the dust settles it won't matter which car we drove.
We pray that we´ll find our own bit of divinity.
It may make a difference to all eternity.

With body, spirit, and mind our paths on the high road.
To reach the vistas it will matter which way we drove.
Our Father rules o´er the earth, and thus He'll hear us pray.
We strive for excellence and there´s help along the way.

Our prophet taught us there´s modesty on the high road.
We need to obey for there´s tragedy some will know.
He calls for high morals. He calls to each girl and boy.

He humbly asks we not think him as a killjoy.

A one-time false move- carelessness can leave a deep scar.
Our prophet counsels that we need to raise our bar.
Some stumble and fall when the storm comes and it descends.
We must seek shelter, wisdom and good friends.

When heavy laden, the Lord offers to give us rest.
At times of distress our Lord`s pillar star is at breast.
His way is easy and his path is peaceful to trod.
With faith there`s a beacon a light towards our God.

Though lonely at times, there is safety on the high road.
There`s vistas plenty to stop and check where next to go.
And when there`s mistakes temptations can take us off track.
Our father knows us best he´ll help us to get back.

-Based on a talk by President Hinckley
Ofttimes we worry and perplex
Upon grave subjects so complex
Childhood of birthdays and cupcakes
Threshold to chances of mistakes
Now dreams and hopes and longing thought
Lead us down to paths more than not
This season explodes with knowledge
And we must seek high goals full-fledged
With high goals we’re not left to chance
We’re robust- we sing and we dance
Be humble and pray and be true
Be grateful and smart and clean too.
We know what is right
We know what is true
Repent and be bright
With God we belong
We know what is right
We know what is true
With these goals of light
We’ve help to be strong.
From Gordon B Hinckley’s
6 Be’s
Rise to the Stature of the Divine Within You
We know we shall reap
Whatsoever we sow
We promise, we keep
Wherever we go
We need not look far
To find gratitude
We share a bright star
For good attitude
To live as we should.
It’s time to rise
With stature divine
With virtuous eyes
And a wholesome mind
With love for the land
And the sky above
We labor by hand
We give and we love
And we do not shove
A struggling mother
Much marred by abuse
Needs hope not smother
To feel she’s of use
As a morning star
We shouted for joy
For just where we are
With life to enjoy
For each girl and boy.
With minds full of light
We’re full of glory
The oppressed now bright
Know a new story
A broad horizon
Can master one’s fate
For daughter and son
It is not too late
For love’s bloom, not hate
We can cultivate
Beauty all around
Through prayer and not fate
We are safely sound
To safeguard from sin
Stand above evil
And rise and begin (clean the drab within)
Speak against what’s ill
Harvests then fulfill – based on a talk by Gordon B Hinckley
Times in Which We Live
Men bent on attacks
Like Gadiantons
Hide in unknown shacks
With oaths and wantons
Religious evil
Bent on destruction
What will they fulfill?
Where’s their instruction?
From the times of Cain
Satan found strong hold
He creates disdain
To weak he is bold
Although hard he tries
To lead man to hell
He only hears lies
He is doomed to fail
We must bow on knees
And invoke our God
To lead our armies
Where terrorists trod
Frank and straight forward
Is our president (of the U.S.)
He’s not a coward
Yet for prayers he sent
Our nation unites
There can be much good
Let’s support who fights
And pray as we should.
-Based on a talk by Gordon B. Hinckley
We must not panic
Nor go to extremes
We are in conflict
And must protect means.
And with compassion
We help our neighbors
We help each nation
With good endeavors.
A Defense and a Refuge
After hiking as far as they could
The apostles and the prophet stood
High above the valley- their new home
With God’s blessings no longer to roam
To a walking stick, they tied a cloth
On a high peak they waved it aloft
As an ensign to all from the storm
A raised standard which was not the norm
Here was Zion that the Savior chose
Here they’d blossom as a unique rose.
Those pioneers survived circumstance
With Christ’s image in their countenance
The lord’s moral standard we must preach
To those seeking refuge we will teach
The pioneers’ homes had been taken
Through trials their faith was not shaken
If we’re doing the best that we can
We can light a path for fellow man
As a candle placed upon a high peak
Our flame can burn bright for all who seek
We have a refuge and a defense
In our homes and our inheritance
We do not attack or turn flighty
But, in faith we’ll pray to Almighty.
-based on a talk by Boyd K Packer
For Times of Trouble
Make each day count
And avoid self doubt
Evil is there
When e’re there’s despair.
It will work it will grow it will spread
It will fill our lives with more dread
As a germ it is fed it is bred
Wake up late and walk through the sand
We’re open for sin, we just can’t win
One poor thought, with no strength we’re caught.
It can erode
Charity, faith and hope
We turn inward
And then look downward
We’ll feel shame and pity, woe is me
It will fill our lives with more need
With increase it will be a disease
And again we will surely be
It is troublesome and burdensome
And it builds as it yields blind fields
A panic bold
Soon fear takes a hold
An evil twin
Grips and sweats within
No more breath, no more depth, feels like death
It will fill our lives till we’re deaf
Fear and self doubt have met and they fret
Panic and despair lead us nowhere
The times of trouble now are double
Where one stops one begins and hops
It will attract
It seeks to distract
With misery
You don’t think clearly
Don’t give up, don’t give in, you can change
All thought patterns will rearrange
Free of filth, free of mange, there’s more range.
We must confess- our sins address
Make restitution, make ablution
And we feel cleansing that’s real.
Acts as prevention
From self defeat
The three cannot meet
We will work we will grow, we will spread
And, yes we’ll use our head, to where lead.
We’re ahead; it’s our bread, now we’re fed.
Preparation is our cure for this.
Being more aware coupled with prayer
The prepared are not impaired.
Carry the calm
With focus the balm
Composed to fight
Attack goals with might
We will work, watch the time, thoughts are seen
And we’ll burst at the seam
When we’re keen, how we dream and we beam!
Having a vision, for our mission
And we’ll work out a plan one that we can.
With each step we will holler, yep!
Off to the school
With the golden rule
We’re on our own
From home we’ve flown
Off we go it’s a test, on our breast
We will wear the BYU crest
Do our best, and with zest we’ll not rest
In each class we’ll pray always we’ll say
We’re so thankful with hearts so full
For this chance for minds to enhance.
-Elder Holland- to a tune similar to
the caissons go rolling along
And may BYU remain strong!
The Gift of Compassion
The gift of compassion
From a horrific blast
With love now impassioned
To our neighbors our eyes cast
Fallen bodies surround
There is so much to do
All’s mangled on the ground
We’ll work until we’re through
There’s no time for weakness
The survivors must work
All surreal with meekness
Though horrendous, non shirk
United endeavor
To remember those lost
With hearts changed forever
Pain and suffering the cost.
To those who’ve endured pain
What does our Savior mean?
Do they pray and not feign
Of His peace do they dream?
Our Savior gives havens
For safety and for peace
Temples are our beacons
Where hearts and minds increase
To our Savior who knocks
May we open heart’s door
Serve Him while there are clocks
And then forevermore
-based on a talk by President Monson
Precious Purity
A plain and precious truth
Must be taught to our youth
Though one craves the heat and wants to feast
Once without restraint it is a beast
The souls at stake with winds around
And there’s a lit match on the ground.
With much boldness of speech
To the youth we must reach
Wait until you meet a good true love
Who God will confirm with signs above
With covenants made and hearts melted
With sacred seal, love is welded.
If you wait till wedded
You will not regret it
The best gift is you, as one you’ll live
To your love be true, and wholly give
The joining can create a blend mild
Spiritually God’s own- sealed your child.
There’s strength when you waver-
Scars heal through Christ’s favor
Don’t be deceived and don’t be destroyed
There is more than now to be enjoyed
There are legions of youth who stay clean
Fighting for what’s right, to Christ they glean
- Jeffrey R. Holland
From: This Glorious Easter Morning- Gordon B. Hinckley
Four writings from one talk
No Event in History
No event in history
More certainly confirmed
The grave’s without victory
For of our Lord we’ve learned.
Jesus is our brighter hope
Though sorrow comes with death
He helps us to grieve and cope
He is our living breath.
Our Lord is mighty to save
Though cruel spikes pierced His flesh
As followers we proclaim
He was not left lifeless
Our Savior, Jesus the Christ
Is our Deliverer
He came and made sacrifice.
For us, His sole endeavor
Though we would salute His name
He desires not fame
All He asks us that we do
Is share His light anew.
He Lives
Risen reality
Our Savior does yet live
He is divinity
To our day, He did give
Sacred volumes to speak
Of His visits to man
In scriptures, Him we seek
The gospel is at hand.
Here We Now Assemble
Here we now assemble
What a marvelous sight
With our hearts in full swell
Overwhelmed in God’s light
In His warmth, here we bask
United in His cause
Strengthened for this great task
We pledge to keep His laws
May our futures be bright?
May we see through earth’s blight?
Here we now assemble
What a glorious sight
Though the earth may tremble
We will sing with His might.
May angels join to sing?
May heaven hear our calls?
And down His Spirit bring
What’s holy to these halls?
May our futures be bight?
Here we pray and unite.
Here we now assemble
What a tremendous sight
And with this preamble
May we join in the fight?
As armies we must go
In battle for lost souls
Or else they’ll never know
Of man’s Celestial roles.
May our futures be bright?
As we’re true to the fight.
There’s Joy on the Mountains
There’s joy on the mountains
The valleys cry aloud
Dry lands spring with fountains
That of God we are proud D & C 128:23
Let all the sea and land
Tell wonders of our King
The gospel’s now at hand
The earth joins us to sing.
And let the moon and sun
Together with the stars
Shine bright to everyone
That death contains no bars
Above all God towers
Kind, though He’s supreme
Through His priesthood powers
He gives us hope to dream.
Sometimes I see a stranger’s face
What seems familiar?
Does this prove there’s a distant trace
Far beyond this year?
Did I know and embrace the Son?
Would I as of late?
Will I then pass when days are done
Through that Heav’nly gate?
My Friend
When ere the cold hands of death strike
The sun shines through gloom
And for my dear friend I would like
Flowers in sweet bloom.
In the darkness of the hour
Before that last breath
May, I feel peace and not cower
As I witness death?
A triumphant figure awaits
Where my friend now goes
A risen Lord past pearly gates
And my friend He knows.
I look to my left and my right- Hinckley
And I am lonely still
And though there are tears that I fight
I’ve my life to fulfill.
I’ve a kind wise Heavenly Father
He knows what I need.
I’ve a kind elder brother
Who knows how hearts bleed.
From a talk by President Monson – Windows
An azure blue sky
With clouds that billow
I’ve picture frames in my mind
As though seen through a window
A gathering storm
Our Lord’s wave beckons
A window can be forlorn
Or offer promised lessons.
They keep out the rain
They keep out the wind
Some windows may shut in pain
When will they ever open?
The last supper night
A lonely vigil
He saw our pictures of blight.
Pain, He alone to fulfill
The Lord’s Disciples
Left us their pictures
Of Jesus’ miracles
There’s a view in our scriptures
We, too, have windows
And lessons they’ve taught
The place a gentle wind flows
To bless others more than not.
- President Monson
We Awaited Mortality
We awaited mortality
For the Latter- Day
A road map to eternity
Guides us on our way
And when we feel inadequate
That our lot is through
Something tells us we’ll not quit.
What then shall we do?
With our faith and humility
We kneel and we pray
To have hope and charity
For help through our day
What did we learn before life hence?
Did we attend schools?
We’ve a noble inheritance
And we've well-known rules.
Did we invite Heav’nly Counsel?
Were promises made?
Was there training here to fulfill
Wherein we obeyed?
Was I prepared inherently
For what foreordained?
Do I follow sufficiently
Those who are ordained?
If not for the transgression
We would never be
There’d be no pain or passion
And there’d be no me.
A transgression opens eyes
It helped Eve to know
A transgression then yields cries
In the garden it was so.
From Whence Have We Come?
From whence have we come?
And why are we here?
When I seek wisdom
It then becomes clear
With a word or a thought
Feelings come to me
Where once I was caught
I am now set free.
A Tragic Evil Among Us
A raging storm increases
And destroys what’s beautiful
And the pain it unleashes
Is not at all merciful
It leaves a visual impact
A nasty deep impression
And shakes up what was intact
And leaves us with depression
(Please turn from this digression)
What is this evil master?
That violates and betrays?
That leads souls to disaster?
A stranglehold that degrades!
All involved are a victim
Their bodies are exploited
And no one can out wit them
When to their sin they’re pointed.
With false concepts minds are warped
It’s impossible to break
And love for others are dwarfed
It’s time for you to awake.
(If you were caught how you’d shake)
To those who’ve taken this trip
Who have become so enslaved?
It’s time to break the vise grip
And confess how you’ve behaved.
May you have courage to seek?
The counsel for addiction
It is time to become meek
It is time to clear friction.
You’ve defiled your own soul
Let virtue be your garnish
And repentance be your goal
Polish away the tarnish
(And new habits establish)
- Based on a talk by President Hinckley
(I hate the “p” word and I am glad that it was not in the title)
An Ensign to the Nations
We’re His ensign to the nations
To light wherever man stations
We are all in this together
As with the Lord we endeavor
We’re working as one in this cause
And there is time for us to pause
To ask the Lord whose work this is
For sufficient light which is His
There’s never reason to despair
The Lord thy God is always there
His work will always go forward
This is our time to press onward
The Lord is a living fountain
And His house is on the mountain.
And on His path the righteous stay
He will teach us along the way.
We cannot shrink nor turn aside
We’ve a mandate we must abide
There are forces all around us
The temple's made with strong buttress
Regardless of the circumstance
We will not soften our stance
Keep our eyes on our objective
Of our goals we’ll be protective
With the whole armor of our Lord
We will stand firm with one accord
Be strong in the lord in His fight
True to what we know to be right.
We do not wrestle flesh and blood
But against darkness' rampant flood
There’s much out there that’s seductive
But we’ll stay clean and productive
There is what is sleazy and uncouth
The tawdry rich seek for our youth
Life is better than they portray
They seek your soul and then betray
They grow rich from high admission
For salacious exhibition
What a waste of time and money,
Though to the drunk it’s so funny.
The mountain’s full of God’s forces
Chariots of fire and horses
Open your eyes and you may see
Legions of angels, God’s army
God will bless and magnify you
If you do what you’ve been taught to
Those with us are more than with them
We can pray when there’s a problem
Fear not little flock and be good
And pray for sound minds, as you should
Doubt not, fear not, you will not fail.
Those built on a rock will prevail.
-Based on a talk by President Hinckley
I Know That My Redeemer Lives
His it was to die on the cross
His alone to atone for our sins
Though we do suffer when there’s loss
Though we weep when we lose close friends
Our Savior is hope and promise
His covenants we will not dismiss
When we sin His pain is there full
And how long before the drops pool?
As we search and ponder purpose
Is there more than life here for us
Out of the shadows into light
Where we have testimonies bright
-President Monson
Born in a Stable
Born in a stable
Cradled at birth
He alone able
To save the earth
He but a child
Of humble birth
He meek and mild
Would show us worth
They’re men so humble
Each with stretched out hand
They’ve priesthood noble
With a blessing grand
Sweet baby lie still
‘Til words penetrate
You’ve much to fulfill
You’ve endeavors great
So clean from the world
So soon from the womb
You’re little hands curled
You’ve so much to bloom
Eyes with a long stare
As you move your hands
What do you see there?
What above you stands?
The baby’s eyes blink
And look with amaze
Just what do you think?
On what do you gaze?
Why do your eyes raise?
Crucify Him
What does it mean
To crucify Him anew?
Can it be from
Things that we say and do?
If we reject
Or modify what He did
And if we doubt
He's divine- How horrid!
Today we have
Testimonies that Christ lives
From a prophet’s
Personal knowledge, He lives!
-Based on words by President Monson
There are words
Spinning in my head
Each has something
To be said
A poem
With a melody
A song to be?
Yes, maybe
To The Needy
To those with need
Where do we start?
Let’s plant a seed
Straight to their heart.
Be Strong in the Lord
Be strong in the lord
In the power of his might
He has a strong sword
It is double edged for the fight.
Put on his armor
That against evil you’ll stand
Trust our protector
He'll guide others to give a hand
Our lord, almighty
Gives mankind revelation
We must be friendly
We don't serve with elevation
When we have rapport
And they have respect for us
They’ll lend us support
And, they'll know that we love Jesus.
-Based on a talk an Ensign to the Nations, A Light to the World- President Hinckley
Empowered By Our Parents
When all the victories
and defeats of men unfold
they'll tell of mother`s
sacrifice for them untold.
the faith of mothers
has not a price nor can be sold.
when all the conquests
end and fade before our eyes
we`ll hear of father`s
long gone with tear filled good byes.
they proved their manhood-
though one may not finish- he tries
an onward movement
is made or broke by man
our forefathers layed
foundations that help us to plan
by their example
we know that we must and we can
our mothers flowers
help us to feel hopeful
she plants a garden
and tries to be fruitful
yet it is her smile
for which we`re most thankful
our heavenly mother
gave us some of her qualities
is that why we cringe
when we hear of indignities
and perhaps she's why
we soften and yearn for babies?
Our Heavenly Father
gives us His priesthood and power
He is our strength
He stands sure as a tower
He knows of all time
He's there for us every hour
The Way That Pays
What may appear as harmless fun
Will add up to quite a large sum
That which may seem so innocent
Breaks pursuits with one incident
We need not fritter away pay
Or engage in an aimless way.
There are better ways to spend time
Ways that don't cost a single dime
    Music and dancing in the night

  • Hiking and talking while it's light

  • These wholesome recreations pay
    They refresh like no other way.
    Based on a talk by President Hinckley

He Heals the Heavy Laden
With His yoke upon us, may our burden by light.
He has healed the sick and lame. And, He has restored sight.
One way or another, we feel inadequate
When challenged with affliction, we wish that it would quit.
Whether sicknesses are spiritual or mental
Or emotional or more, He healed them one and all
He caused the deaf to hear and, He cleansed leprosy.
Though withered they were restored, He caused the blind to see.
Of each ailments of man- He knows how they feel
Though not limited, His span.. It's our faith that we heal.
He knows us to each hair, for us He bore anguish
He paid the price for sin. And for Him we languish.
For He carries our burdens by giving us patience
Or understanding or strength for our experience.
Each heavy laden man- can turn to the Savior
Each lest He fall to despair, bound to - extreme pressure
We can come unto Christ, In Him be perfected
By power of the atonement, He'll cleanse what's infected.-
Based on words by Elder Oaks
Living Right
This world is in trouble
It's values have declined
When temptations double
They do all they feel inclined
We have clear instruction
A pattern for success
When we reach a junction
We can pray when in distress
If we ask worthily
We're safe from destruction
When we react humbly
He will give us conviction.
When e'er we trust in God
There's help in our dealings
Where our feet need to trod
He'll give us quiet promptings.
Sometimes answers we need
come a piece at a time
without character we'd
not benefit all mankind
expanded character
enhances our faith
this valuable factor
helps us to not deviate.
How do we keep resolve
When decisions abound?
Temptations will dissolve
When to the scriptures we're found.
Our moral character
weaves one thread at time
God's yardstick can measure
And upwards helps man to climb.
-Richard G. Scott
The Wind Beneath our Wings
What laws of nature will carry us on our flight?
Over high mountains to a destination bright?
A strong forward thrust, a powerful uplift.
With faith- the principle power- in the cockpit.
We're on a journey, the gospel is at the core-
at the center of our hearts and forevermore.
With agency, we choose Jesus as copilot.
With Him we spiritually soar more self-reliant.
He's placed His temples as beacons to light our way
Towards Heav'nly Father whom we love and obey
Our safety lies in the virtue of our lives
Our Savior teaches us how to prioritize.
We've the commandments, we take on Jesus' name.
The test comes in practicing what we proclaim.
For Christlike attributes, we take directions.
We'll be contrite in spirit and make corrections.
With faith and hope over oceans of temptations.
The winds' beneath our wings for our destination.

  • Elder Uchtdorf


Our Missionary
Our Dear Heavenly Father,
Please bless our missionary,
In all kinds of weather.
Help him with Thy work to carry.
And of those whom they're to meet
Lead them on paths to their feet.
Please bless the land where they serve
That the work can roll forward,
Melt hearts where there's reserve.
Help them to not be untoward.
May they love their fellowship
And desire membership.
And when our missionary
Becomes ill or afflicted
Help him to not be wary.
Give him faith when he's inflicted.
Bless, comfort, tend to his needs.
And, restore to planting seeds.
In 1903, A dream of mankind was fulfilled
Wilbur and Orville made the first controlled powered flight
They'd worked many jobs. But, as inventors, how they thrilled.
For 13 seconds they soared and proved their hopes were right.
They'd done their homework. They knew the laws of gravity.
They had controls, wings and an engine to stay aloft.
They could get up off the ground and brave they proved to be.
They were determined and they did not heed those who scoffed.
With our goals defined, and if we work diligently.
We will soon be on a controlled path that takes us far
Where self mastery and the Spirit guides us gently.
And choices mirror where our thoughts and desires are.
To lift up our souls we raise our eyes unto the hills.
Where there is brightness above the thick clouds which threaten.
Where there is brilliance so bright that the whole being thrills.
Where shines God's power to lift us up and thus strengthen.
- Elder Uchtdorf
Live by Faith and Not by Fear
All over the world, there are good Latter- Day Saints.
As truths are unfurled, faith abounds without restraint.
Through drought conditions we can find living waters.
Our homes can be safe midst precarious matters.
The gospel teaches us how to increase our faith.
If we but listen, the Prophet teaches the way.
When we've the Spirit, we serve and lengthen our stride.
From temple's beacon, we're bright, no longer to hide.
When we feel weighed down, we can increase faith and prayer.
We emphasize love, we reflect and feel aware.
When we reach crossroads, we'll follow Christ and not fear.
He'll share our burdens and make them easy to bear.
-Based on a talk by Elder Cook
Treasure in Your Hearts
Treasure in your hearts-
The Savior of the world.
Be sober of mind,
As events are unfurled.
Though earth may tremble,
We will exercise faith.
For signs and wonders
Preclude our Lord's Great Day.
San Jose Earthquake October 30, 2007 And I was set to read the 50 signs of the last days
I turned on the light
and closed a window
and started to lie down.
I heard a loud boom
And shook in my room
To the door, I then bound.
The pictures then swung
The roof crung brung shrung
I outwaited the ride.
Then the reporters
called it moderate
We're thankful it did subside.
Clean Hands and a Pure Heart
During His three day ministry, Our Savior of the world
Called and authorized disciples, in His doctrines they were schooled.
He healed the sick, and blessed children, as He prayed for His people.
He then succinctly summarized principles of His gospel.
Unto Me, come,” the Savior taught. Come and make sacred covenants.
And, renunciate all your sins, unto baptismal ord'nance.
In His own time and His own way and according to His will.
We can come to know Him, as those in the land of Bountiful.
Once repentant, we are baptized, our hearts turn towards our God.
And the Holy Ghost prepares us to stand Holy without spot.
Through Christ's merits, mercy and grace, our commitment does not drift.
He's our Light, which does guide us, our faith in Him, His gift.
There is purpose in our journey, we walk in newness of life.
When we yield our hearts unto God, we obtain the mind of Christ.
Where once carnal, we're cleansed and healed. As with fire we're refined.
And the Holy Ghost sanctifies, and the soul is purified.
When we've no more disposition to do that which is evil-
Our hands are clean and we reach out. We become His Disciple.
We should avoid and overcome. And, repent, be cleansed from sin.
The Lord helps us do and be good and change our hearts from within.
With clean hands and with a pure heart, We ascend unto the hills
Where the sick and poor are now fed. And there's faith, which God instills
May we offer our Lord pure hearts, with clean hands as we were meant.
May we apply the atonement. And, do as we are now sent.
He raised the dead. He healed the sick. He cleansed leprosy.
He knows my heart. He knows my hands. And, I know He loves me.
Elder Bednar
O Remember, Remember
If we write down just a few things that happen each new day,
We'll see the hand of God reaching to our fam'lies today.
Although we don't remember God and His Beloved Son.
If we seek Him, God will show us the things which He has done.
The Holy Ghost can bring light through a veil of dark blindness.
A journal shows a path to God. We'll recognize kindness.
O remember, please remember how you have been so blessed.
And establish, writing habits and of His hand confess.
When we're faithful God protects us and helps us to prosper.
Then is the time that we harden and think God's laws hamper.
It's easy to forget blessings, and thus we should give heed.
For what's inside our hearts can change the blessings eyes have seen.
So, too, the grind of poverty and distress darkens hope.
Then it's hard for the Holy Ghost to prompt what helps us cope.
O remember, please remember how you have been so blessed.
And establish, writing habits and of His hand confess.
There is a cure and a pattern in the sacrament prayers.
We promise God and our natures change as we know He cares.
The Holy Ghost is His Gift that reveals things through a veil.
We'll see God's hand in our service. He strengthens what is frail..
Our warm feelings can stir others so they will remember.
When we've Christ's name that's upon us, there's mercy that's tender.
The atonement helps us live lives that lead us toward God.
And we have help to remember the paths He helps us trod.
President Eyring
We Will Go
To Mine eyes have...
We will go and preach repentance unto all upon the earth.
We will go and teach the gospel of our Savior and our Lord.
He is waiting for the last day. He is waiting to return.
And we await this day to tell Him, He's adored.
We'll show Him, how He's adored.
The Stone Cut Out of the Mountain
When Joseph earnestly prayed, the grove became so lustrous.
Never have we a record of something so glorious.
God spoke of the Risen Lord, “This is my Beloved Son.”
Who then answered Joseph's prayer- of the churches please join none.
Why is it so important that both God and Christ appeared?
For a new dispensation? A young boy was to be reared.
He was schooled and ushered in, by great clouds of witnesses.
God organized this kingdom, this true gospel which is His.
A stone cut out of mountains unrolls with bold promises.
The night was in September, it was eighteen twenty three
When the young Joseph Smith prayed, oh a miraculous thing...
The room became much brighter, much brighter than of noon day.
There a personage appeared and called Joseph by his name.
He was told that he had a work that only he could do.
His name would be known for good. But, to scoffers- evil- too.
For a poor unlearned son, how he must have been so stunned.
What was he to accomplish? Him without a single fund?
Just how could his name be known by mankind of every tongue?
The Book of Mormon records the testimonies of men.
They heard God and saw Jesus, And, they new He'd come again.
May we read its sweet message, it's been translated for us.
It was buried to come forth, for our latter- day purpose.
It holds for us great cautions of murmuring and of pride.
It is a second witness, it's power can't be denied.
And it ends with a promise for all those who humbly pray.
For the Prophet Moroni saw the trials of our day.
He knew we'd feel God's power, if we'd exercise our faith.
-President Hinckley
A Babe for Joseph and Mary
A babe for Joseph and Mary.
A lamb to be raised so pure.
A king with burdens to carry.
Our Lord with much to endure.
A babe that nuzzles and slumbers.
A lamb to be without spot.
A king, whose blessings outnumber.
Our Lord, our sins He has bought.
Dear President Hinckley,
I don't know when you'll have time ot read this...
I started this poem during my lunch break from jury duty.
( I was then rejected from this criminal case and I'll never know why)
I so wanted to write a poem from this talk because I learned so much.
I hope you don't mind that I added to your comments. Such is poetry
and I needed it to rhyme.
My Book of Mormom is priceless to me. It is falling apart. And the
name has been scratched off. I have marked in it everywhere! It was a
goal of mine when it was given to me. It had belonged to a friend of mine.
Or rather, her deceased husband. He been a convert ( aren't we all) and
went on a mission, married in the temple and then fell back to old
and perhaps unresolved issues. He scratched his name off it. Threw it
away and committed suicide. Inside, it was like new, with only two scriptures
marked. If only... Well, I mark it in his memory. And I never knew him.
I have a new set that is ever waiting to be used and it is not the same. This
other book had belonged to my step son in law who died in Iraq. He had only
been a member for a short time. And, had much growing to do. But, the seed
was planted and he was very sweet. And, I like to keep it as it is – untouched to
remember him. He never got a chance to come home and mark it. But, I
know he would have.
May the Blessings of Heaven Attend
May the blessings of heaven attend.
As our conf'rence has come to an end.
We so humbly and sincerely pray,
To become inspired from this day.
That we'll know exactly what to do.
As phrases come to mind, we'll reprove.
For now, to our homes we have returned.
What's in our best interest is discerned.
As families we will confess each truth.
Held dear to our hearts and not aloof.
We've been uplifted and edified.
How to stay this way each must decide.
President Hinckley
The Weak and the Simple
No respector of persons,
Our Lord has called the weak.
In a solemn procedure,
He calls those simply meek.
He qualifies those who serve.
Though they're untrained and unlearned.
That ev'ry man may speak
In the name of God the Son.
That faith might also increase
To break the mighty and strong ones.
In the service of the Lord,
It is not where but how.
One neither seeks nor declines.
Through our mouth, He endows.
The Lord's gospel is proclaimed,
Through the meek and not the famed.
That ev'ry man may speak
In the name of God the Son.
That faith might also increase
To break the mighty and strong ones.
As such was called young Joseph,
To organize God's church.
That we'd see it's through priesthood,
Not position, nor perch;
That we are governed and lead
By a living seen Godhead.

We do not pay clergy
We are taught with love instead.
As we're hungry for the truth
We are taught by living bread.
He commands unto the ends.
Our God has thus spoken,
With focus on the family-
Sealed love at home transcends.
We are taught from little ones-
Who from God have freshly come.
Our testimony is
All that we need to possess.
For we see Him work through us.
And of His hand, we confess.
President Packer- Otherwise known as a frog who has learned to jump very high
Four Guideposts
When everything is new
And you're put on the spot
Breathe, your heart has not stopped.
You've no need to be blue
It is time to be you.

Face your guideposts and think,
It's time for reflection.
To reach a conclusion,
It's not time to shrink.
Or to let your goals sink.

Take a glance at the past,
Without dwelling too much.
Just long enough to touch
On your 'thankful for' cast.
With gratitude, hold fast.

With faith look heavenward
What's divine will fulfill.
Take a breath and be still.
Avoid quicksand rearward.
Lean to your dreams. Onward.

There is more than just you,
Reach outward in service.
Your life will feel of purpose
When, for someone you do...
Old fears will depart, too.

Press forward, despite peers
who tower with pressure
for permissive pleasure.
to harbors, our heart steers
where safe moorings adheres.

Elder Monson
The Great Command
They sought to find in Him a flaw.
He would not deride or use a rod.
Master”, they asked, “What is the great law?”
He replied, “ Thou shalt love thy God.”
Our Savior, they could not defraud.
I will love God, with all my heart,
With all my soul, with all my mind.
I'm known of Him, the Great Thou Art.
And, to self and man, I am kind.
Though men despise, I'll be refined.
When one argues, contentions sway.
We know to be more unified.
This is the more excellent way.
As our Lord exemplified-
With charity all's dignified.
With the love of God, I am filled.
This is the measure of my soul.
With His love, my spirit is thrilled.
And, blessing others is my role.
In service, I will Him extol.
Eternal love lasts forever.
It is patient and forgiving.
To be Christ-like, we endeavor.
He sees beyond what's shortcoming.
Where we're gloriously becoming.
With Christ's image, we are transformed.
He shares our pain and we soften.
A heart once bitter is reformed.
With perspective, hates forgotten.
And, we feel His love more often.
Obedience is a delight.
Love frees us from the weight of pain.
We are vibrant and carry light.
We want all man to feel the same.
With the Lord we've so much to gain.
Unto the sick, we minister.
To the hungry, we offer food.
And, sacrament's administered
To remember beatitudes.
With these emblems, we are renewed.
Our Savior gives us tools to cope.
He gives water from which we draw.
His Light gives us reason to hope.
His love's for us, and we're in awe.
All things hang upon love's great law.
Our Father in heaven provides
Love infinite, eternal.
With this heart, we improve our lives.
He offers Christ- Love is not final-
Blood sealed- the greatest love of all.
And He offers a gift that guides,
That, when we're righteous it teaches,
Inspires, comforts, and resides.
What behooves us, it beseeches.
From this gift, God's love far reaches.
-Elder Wirthlin

Signs of the Times
We live in a day
Of mobility.
Those planted to stay
are a novelty.
In our region
There's a drought of growth.
First, there's less children,
Then less youth, then both.
Though this was foretold,
Our faith has not ceased.
From youngest to old.
Our faith has increased!
As programs combine,
We increase travel.
We lengthen our stride,
As signs unravel.
We can reflourish
The 'rose can blossom'
Asians well nourished-
Doubled- and more come!
The Spanish now band
They, too must regroup.
Now mighty they stand.
Their faith will not droop!
And, to our surprise.
From San Francisco.
The Tongans now rise.
And, among us grow!
That which once dazzled
Mesmerized, intrigued.
If we are frazzled
It's uninspiring.
The Savior's return
Comes with signs, wonders.
Each heart's with concern.
Each mind now ponders.
He's soon at the doors
The heavens prepare.
Midst trembles and wars,
There's storms everywhere.
The time, none can know.
But, here's our refuge.
Our oil must grow.
Midst drought or deluge.
And we've been counseled.
To gather our things.
Our food is barreled.
Once we've been counseled.
Saratoga springs!
-President Hodgman
Live in Thanksgiving Daily
In a day of Thanksgiving,
What should be abundant?
Gratitude for just living
Marks a soul triumphant!
I'll do your chores, you do mine
Thankful for what each does.
We will contribute in kind.
In service, without fuss.
There's lots of things we don't have.
Are we then unhappy?
On God focus, and not cave
We will then feel happy.
It takes a little talent
To exercise each day
Three things yield powers immense.
With goals along the way.
First, we must open our eyes.
And see what's bountiful.
The brilliance of the skies.
Makes earth so beautiful.
Next, we must open our hearts.
And fill our souls with good.
Repent, rejoice- there's fresh starts
In living as one should.
Last, we must open our arms.
And serve our fellow man.
With love to those in alarm-
We're God's help, we're His hands.
Every day's a new canvas
For this we are grateful.
And with thanks for all that's vast.
We feel joy delightful.
-Elder Wirthlin
We Live in a Day of Abundance
We live in a day of abundance galore.
From one day to the next, there is nothing but more.
There's so much to have. There is never an end.
In our quest to obtain, We must purchase and spend.
From the rich to the poor, there's ever more clutter.
Which finds its way to a friend or the gutter.
We need to find out what this all really means.
So we'll not lose our souls chasing meaningless dreams.
From all ends of the world our families gather.
Yet, some of them say they'd really not rather.
On Thanksgiving Day let's show our gratitude,
For all of our blessings, for homes and for great food.
-Family effort 2007
Tears, Trials, Trust, Testimony
I ponder the worth of a human soul.
What is my potential, have I a role?
In the sight of God, I'm told I am great.
His eyes unto all. He waits by the gate.
To confound the wise, the weak are chosen
Our Heavenly Father calls simple good men.
Who'll reach, to teach, to touch each precious soul?
Men of devotion, who've faith and high goals.
The Master assures, He'll always abide.
If we give our hearts, His Light there resides.
On the Lord's errand, the pathways are straight.
And out of small things, proceedeth what's great.
God counts sacrifice, He measures sorrow.
He quickens mem'ries, to aid tomorrows.
Hardships may beckon, let no man then shirk.
The furnace burns hot, He who serves must work.
He who notes the sparrow's fall.
Won't neglect the servant's need.
To whom He extends a call.
God qualifies to do the deed.
-President Monson
A Glorious Season
In each of us lies a piece of childhood.
Where bliss and wonder is best understood.
We revel with much fun at Christmas time.
Amongst tinseled presents some yours, some mine.
But there is something else, something better.
As we sit with our families together.
And we read the fascinating story.
Of our Lord's birth, ministry and glory.
When God's great love for us has been measured,
His priceless gift stands alone most treasured.
To us was given the Mighty Prince of Peace.
And may our love for Him only increase.
And so at this Christmas season, we sing.
With praise and gratitude, with hearts softening.
Let us be more generous to spread His love.
Peace and wonder. We ponder what's above.
-President Hinckley
Behold Your Little Ones
Parents behold each child
Who wonder with joy mild
When they see the new babe.
How still then they behave.
Love them, teach them, respect them,
Pray with them and for them.
They are your piece of heaven
To lift up and to leaven.
They have sensitivity
For our Lord's nativity.
Sing to them of Jesus.
Share the Light of Christmas.
Love them, teach them, respect them,
Pray with them and for them.
Let them feel of your sweet love
And God's love, pure, from above.
They're soon our rising future
Lead them to paths that endure.
Be your best example.
Tread softly, don't trample.
Love them, teach them, respect them,
Pray with them and for them.
They can reach heights with God's strength.
To grow in depth, breadth, and length.
-President Hinckley
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