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Wed - Aug 15, 2007 : 05:13 pm
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One Month til Maui!
Less than one month until I board a plane and fly to the tropical islands!! WAHOO!!  It's going to be sweet.  My nephew, Christian, just graduated from high school and to celebrate, a bunch of us are taking him to Hawaii (my mom, Paige, Christian and his parents, Robyn and Tim and myself and Tiffy).  We will be going to Maui for 2 days, Oahu for 1 and Kauai (my ultimate favorite island) for 3.  I've been shopping around for cool snorkel gear to take with and tonight I signed up for a Discovery Scuba lesson at Dive Addicts in Draper.  Should be a blast.  Ok, if you are reading this you can get jealous now. Anyway, I'm stoked... more on this later.  ALOOOOOOOHA!