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Mon - May 19, 2008 : 08:24 am
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Well, the auction went real well! We made more then enough money for camps. Which by the way I am going to Girls camp. Their bumping me up a year so I'll be with my own age group. 
At the auction I sold myself three times, each time was funny. Because the first I got up on the stand, heard the anounser say " Here is a very pretty young lady. With something very VERY nice to sale. Please bid fare" I'd say it was fair! The next time Rachel and I sold ourselfs working together to clean a house for three hours, that was cool. People all over the room biding on us. We have two houses to clean! I  got up there again and did my massage one more time and went fast.

Also yesterday at church, my new teacher ( IDk her name) she had us go sit out side for class. Our class was about hard ship, overcomming it and knowing that the Lord is always there. he asked me and Brooke to tell of a time when we were hurt badly and needed the Lord. Well....... I kinda told my story about the leaders and Brooke, I left out all names tho! And I said how I sank in depresstion and dispare, I prayed more then I ever have in my live. I told them I would not eat, sleep,I gave up on my school. Then I said, I wondered why I was going through something so painful and so hard, what had I done to diserve this. And then I told them how I hated the people who cosed me that pain far more then understandable, I told them I still have a hard time talking to those people. But things worked out and me and my "friend" were able to talk again.
By the way I was in tears the hole time. I looked over and saw Brooke crying too! She said " I did not know you felt like that!"  We hugged.....

I'm starting to hate Calie! Brooke is going there for the summer. Sara is there now, Rachel is planing on going down there this summer. All my friends here are leaving me for Callie! Sara had too,she had to move, I understand that.UGh

Well I have a list of chores to get done! I better go and ge them dome! L8rs

Comment by christine on May. 22, 2008 @ 03:00 pm
love ya